Grace Baptist Church of Hurlock Service Times: 7:30 & 10:00 AM and 5:30 PM





Patrick & Shel Reed: ABWE missionaries from Grace Baptist of Hurlock - Gambia: 

P. D. Cherian: Intl. Partnership Ministries - India 


Lisa (Lewis) & Amos Soapa: TOGO - West Africa

Sam Sadek: Egypt


Jonathan & Hannah Romaine: Spain


Adrian & Emma Hendricks: India



MISSIONARIES living in the US:


Jon & Tina Goreman: AFBM - ministering to the Armed Forces in Colorado 


Ben Bounds: Faith International Partners  - supporting national pastors

Dr. Joe Cacioppo : Intl. Christian Resources - Short Term Medical Missions


Gene Brown: Prison Ministry - Faith Baptist Church (Maryland)


Tom Palmer: Helps Ministry in Alabama



Ministry Organizations:


Shepherds: Wisconsin - Mentally Disabled 


D.B.F.: Delmarva Baptist Fellowship  


Choices Pregnancy Center (Easton) 


Bearing Precious Seed of Milford, Ohio (Bible printing)  




Jim Tanner: Papua New Guinea (translation work) 


Ed Blakslee: Formerly in the Amazon now in Maryland


Connie Bridner: Grace Interim Ministries (South Carolina)


Bob Trout: ABWE Administrator of South American Missions - Columbia


George Weber: ABWE - church planting, education and camping - Bangladesh

Ron Weber: ABWE - Brazil

Roy Hendershott: Baptist Mid-Missions to Indians - Arizona